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Mini-gel electrophoresis system AE-6530 mPAGE

Purpose and Application

  • Separation of Protein, purity determination, estimation of purified product and expressed protein
  • Screening, Protein or Nucleic Acid electrophoresis for entry-level experiment and students


  • Clear electrophoresis patterns can be easily obtained by anyone without fail
  • Reduce working space
  • Prevent leakage of buffer solution with flexible material in a special wave shape; electrophoresis plate and gel are firmly retained
  • Temperature is controlled for the electrophoresis plate and gel from both sides with buffer solution and smiling is reduced
  • Compatible caster: AE-6401 1 mm Dual Mini Gel Cast (Holder for Hand-Cast Gel), WSE-1190 Multi Mini-Slab Gel Cast (Holder for PAGEL)
  • Compatible precast gel (Holder for PAGEL): e-PAGEL, e-PAGEL HR, p-PAGEL, u-PAGEL H


One-touch sealing

One-touch sealing is strongly fixed with glasses so that it prevents leaking trouble, and simple assembly method is user-friendly.
Automatic polarity switching function.
Reduce the thermostatic smiling by buffer of both side of glass plate

Operation Video


AE-6530M mPAGEAE-6530P mPAGE
Plate size120 (W) x 102 (H) mm, thickness 7 mm120 (W) x 102 (H) mm, thickness 5 mm
Gel size90 (W) x 80 (H) mm, thickness 1 mm90 (W) x 83 (H) mm, thickness 1 mm
Number of gelsUp to 2 gels
Plate settingOne-touch sealing
Buffer volume80 mL for upper chamber, 420 mL for lower chamber
Cover lidSafety cover with leads
MaterialChamber: Acrylic plastic and silicone
CompositionHand-Cast Gel type chamber 1 ea, Safety cover with leads 1 ea, 7 mm dummy plate 1 eaPAGEL type chamber 1 ea, Safety cover with leads 1 ea, 5 mm dummy plate 1 ea
Dimenstions164 (W) x 94 (D) x 154 (H) mm
Weight0.65 kg (without accessories)

Ordering Information

Code No.DescriptionUnit
2321900AE-6530M mPAGE1 set
2321905AE-6530P mPAGE1 set
2321915AE-6530MW mPAGE (AE-6530M with AE-6401)1 set
2393720Safety cover with leads for AE-65301 ea
2393726Plate holder for Hand-Cast Gel, 2 ea1 set
2393731Plate holder for PAGEL, 2 ea1 set
23982477 mm Dummy plate1 ea
23930745 mm Dummy plate1 ea
2393710Upper tank with seal packing and electrode for AE-65301 ea
2393715Lower tank for AE-65301 ea
2393713Upper tank with seal packing and electrode for AE-6530 (without automatic polarity switching)1 ea

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