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Purpose and Application

  • Separation and detection of proteins (E-*** type)
  • Second step of 2D electrophoresis (E-D** type)
  • SDS-PAGE, Native-PAGE
  • Detection of PCR products, separation of DNA
  • Screening
  • Experimental training for students or researchers


  • Mini size (90 mm x 83 mm)
  • Offer stability and reproducibility of separation
  • Glass plates with good thermal stability and uniformity employed
  • Easy to set on to the apparatus and take off the gel from the glass plate
  • Varieties of gels are available, including wide range of gel percentage, wells, gels for 2D electrophoresis also available
  • If you purchase more than 1 pk/month, you can rent the AE-6530 mPAGE for free!
  • Compatible electrophoresis apparatus: ATTO Mini Gel Size Electrophoresis System (WSE-1150P PageRunAce, WSE-1100P PageRun-R, AE-6531P PageRun, AE-6530P mPAGE, AE-6500 Dual Mini Slab, WSE-1165 Mini-Slab)
    ※This gel cast includes plates whose total thickness is 5 mm, so Plate holder for PAGEL are required.

Separation Range

TypeGel concentrationSeparation range
14-wells18-wellsno well (for 2-D)Protein (Da)DNA (bp)
E-T7.5LE-R7.5LE-D7.5L7.5%40,000 ~ 400,000250 ~ 3,000
E-T10LE-R10LE-D10L10%25,000 ~ 300,000150 ~ 2,000
E-T12.5LE-R12.5LE-D12.5L12.5%10,000 ~ 250,00070 ~ 1,800
E-T15LE-R15L-15%5,000 ~ 200,00050 ~ 1,500
E-T520LE-R520LE-D520L5 ~ 20%5,000 ~ 400,00050 ~ 3,000
E-T1020LE-R1020L-10 ~ 20%5,000 ~ 300,00050 ~ 1,800


Pattern data of protein samples

Gel: E-T520L (5~20%, 14-well gel)

Sample: AE-1440 EzStandard (M.W. marker) etc.

Running buffer: AE-1410 EzRun (25 mM Tris, 192 mM Glycine, 0.1% SDS)

Electrophoresis system: AE-6531 PageRun

Condition: Constant current 20 mA, 80 min

Staining: AE-1340 EzStain AQua (CBB staining)

Pattern data of DNA samples

Gel: E-T520L (5~20%, 14-well gel)

Sample: DNA ladder etc.

Running buffer: WSE-7055 EzRunTG (25 mM Tris, 192 mM Glycine)

Electrophoresis system: AE-6531 PageRun

Condition: Constant current 20 mA, 80 min

Staining: EtBr staining

Instruction Manual


E-TXL e-PAGEL(R) 14-wellsE-RXL e-PAGEL(R) 18-wellsE-DXL e-PAGEL(R) for 2D electrophoresis
UsagePolyacrylamide gel electrophoresis of protein or nucleic acid (SDS-PAGE, native PAGE etc)
Glass plate size120 (W) x 100 (H) mm
Gel size90 (W) x 83 (H) mm, thickness 1 mm
Gel/buffer compositionPolyacrylamide, Tris-HCl buffer
Sample wells14-wells (width 4.2 mm)18-wells (width 2.9 mm)no well
sample loading volumemaximum 24 μL/wellmaximum 15 μL/wellgel width 75 mm (depending on the first step IEF gel length)
Storage6 months when stored in a refrigerator (NOT to be frozen)
Package10 plates/box

* Gels do NOT contain SDS. Electrophoresis with buffer solution containing 24mM Tris + 192mM Glycine + 0.1% SDS (AE-1410 EzRun) is Laemmli method, and one without SDS (WSE-7055 EzRun TG) is Ornstein-Davis method.

* Use buffer solution containing 25mM Tris and 192mM Glycine or our product, [WSE-7055 EzRunTG] for DNA electrophoresis.

Ordering Information

Code No.DescriptionUnit
2331830E-T520L e-PAGEL 5~20% 14-well 10 gels1 pk
2331840E-T1020L e-PAGEL 10~20% 14-well 10 gels1 pk
2331800E-T7.5L e-PAGEL 7.5% 14-well 10 gels1 pk
2331810E-T10L e-PAGEL 10% 14-well 10 gels1 pk
2331820E-T12.5L e-PAGEL 12.5% 14-well 10 gels1 pk
2331850E-T15L e-PAGEL 15% 14-well 10 gels1 pk
2331730E-R520L e-PAGEL 5~20% 18-well 10 gels1 pk
2331740E-R1020L e-PAGEL 10~20% 18-well 10 gels1 pk
2331700E-R7.5L e-PAGEL 7.5% 18-well 10 gels1 pk
2331710E-R10L e-PAGEL 10% 18-well 10 gels1 pk
2331720E-R12.5L e-PAGEL 12.5% 18-well 10 gels1 pk
2331750E-R15L e-PAGEL 15% 18-well 10 gels1 pk
2331930E-D520L e-PAGEL 5~20% for 2-DE 10 gels1 pk
2331940E-D7.5L e-PAGEL 7.5% for 2-DE 10 gels1 pk
2331910E-D10L e-PAGEL 10% for 2-DE 10 gels1 pk
2331920E-D12.5L e-PAGEL 12.5% for 2-DE 10 gels1 pk

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