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WSC-2400 SeesawShaker atto

WSC-2400 SeesawShaker atto

Purpose and Application

  • Shaker for various purpose
  • For dyeing of electrophoresis gel, dyeing of blotting membrane and decoloration
  • General purpose like cultivation, a mix, abstraction and so on is also available


  • Metronome style shaking, swing back and forth; There is no spotted
  • Platform size is 309×202 mm: ATTO Mini gel 6 pcs
  • Control speed with knob
  • Upper platform can be attached additionally (optional)
  • Rubber band holder (optional)
  • Use in refrigerator is available (Environmental temperature 4℃ ~ 40℃)
  • 2 plastic cases suitable for ATTO Mini gel size are attached


WSC-2400 SeesawShaker atto

Suitable for 6 plastic cases

Rubber band holder (optional)

Additional upper platform (optional)


WSC-2400 Seesaw Shaker atto
Shake methodMetronome method, Swing back and forth
Shaking speed0~48 rpm (No speed display)
Shaking angle±8 degree
Max. weight load3.0 kg (When use upper platform, upper 0.8 kg and lower 1.2 kg)
Platform size309 (W) x 202 (D) mm, Available for 6 pieces of ATTO Mini gel
Environmental temperature4~40℃
Dimension303 (W) x 205 (D) x 165 (H) mm
Weight4.6 kg
PowerAC 100~120 V, 50/60Hz
ComponentMain unit, Sticky sheet, plastic case x 2

Ordering Information

Code No.DescriptionUnit
2312200WSC-2400 Seesaw Shaker atto1 set
2312210Additional upper platform for WSC-24001 ea
2312211Fixing tool (Rubber band holder) 2/pk1 set
2312212Sticky sheet, 2/pk1 set
2312213Plastic case, 4/pk1 set

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