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AE-1475 EzBlock Chemi

AE-1475 EzBlock Chemi

Purpose and Application

  • High-speed electrophoresis 20-25min (For high-speed electrophoresis, use with [WSE-7065 EzRunMOPS])
  • SDS-PAGE(SDS-Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis)
  • Native-PAGE
  • High-resolution separation of protein and nucleic acid
  • Purity determination, Estimation of purified product and expressed protein
  • Screening
  • For beginners of electrophoresis and students training


  • mini PAGE system with a built-in power supply
  • High mode
  • Reduce working space
  • Automatic polarity switching function
  • Quick sealing method
  • Prevent leakage of buffer solution with flexible material in a special wave shape; electrophoresis plate and gel are firmly retained
  • Two-sided constant temperature by using lower buffer solution for reducing the thermostatic smailing
  • A sample is available. Please request the sample through the “Contact Us” menu at the top.


Comparison of blocking efficiency between EzBlock Chemi and skim milk

Blocking efficiency of EzBlock Chemi is better than skim milk.

Time dependency of blocking reaction with EzBlock Chemi

Blocking efficiency of EzBlock Chemi depends on incubation time

Blocking Solution Selection Guide


Instruction Manual


 AE-1475 EzBlock Chemi
Major componentsTris buffer, blocking agent
Package500 mL/bottle (5x concentration)
PreparationDilute 5 times with distilled water
Storage2 year at cold storage

Ordering Information

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2332615AE-1475 EzBlock Chemi1 pk

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