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WSE-6100 LuminoGraph

Purpose and Application

  • Chemiluminescence imaging of Western blotting
  • Fluorescent imaging of fluorescent staining gels and fluorescent proteins (optional)
  • Bright field imaging of CBB staining gels (optional)
  • Quantitative analysis of samples from the image (Concentration and Molecular weight)
  • Merge image of chemiluminescent image and prestained marker of membrane image


  • AutoExposure
    → The suitable exposure time is automatically calculated and images are photographed and saved. 
  • 16bit TIFF format
    →general imaging file format
    →convertible to JPEG and 8bit TIFF
  • Autocontrast・Inverse image
    →Control software and image analysis software is available for autocontrast and inverse image functions
  • 1.4 mega pixels high sensitive cooled CCD camera enables high resolution and sensitivity
  • F0.95 high sensitive lens has a function for flat field calibration



WSE-6100 LuminoGraph
CameraCooled CCD camer
Resolution1392 x 1040
Camera cooling system2 stage peltier
Cooling temperature-30℃ (-60℃ from ambient)
Camera lensF 0.95
Imaging area100 x 75 ~ 150 x 110 mm
Binning1 x 1, 2 x 2, 4 x 4, 8 x 8
Data output16-bit TIFF, CCD / 8-bit TIFF, JPEG, BMP
Supported OSWindows 10, 8, 7 (64 / 32 bit), Vista (64 / 32 bit), XP SP3
PowerAC 100-240 V ±10 V
Dimension325 (W) x 304 (D) x 595 (H) mm
Weight20.0 kg

Ordering Information

Code No.DescriptionUnit
2006101WSE-6100 LuminoGraph1 set
2110022CS Analyzer software (Densitograph)1 set
2008150WSE-5600 CyanoView1 set
2008101WSE-5510 VariRays I Fluorescent excitation LED (Blue, Green, Red) Light source1 set
2008117Primary fiter set for VariRays 1 / II (Blue) 481 nm shortpass, 2/pk1 set
2008118Primary fiter set for VariRays 1 / II (Green) 562 nm shortpass, 2/pk1 set
2008110Power BOX (AC adapter and switch) for VariRays1 set
2008062BPF510 (Bandpass filter for GFP fluorescent) for VariRays-B1 ea
2196160FlatViewer White LED trans-illuminator1 set
2130446ND 0.1 Light-reducing filter1 ea
2140202UP-X898MD SONY thermal printer1 set

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