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WSE-5300 Printgraph CMOS I

WSE-5300 Printgraph CMOS I

Purpose and Application

  • UV light source: 312nm for EtBr, SYBR Green/Safe stained gel, etc.
  • White Flat LED: CBB stained gel, Silver stained gel, etc.
  • CyanRed Epi: UV free! detecting much higher resolution fluorescence than Blue LED.
  • Direct Print out: Connect with High quality digital graphic printer (SONY UP-D898MD)
  • Save an image in the main unit, direct to USB memory and send Tablet (WiFi Control), etc.


  • 6 Megapixels high-resolution CMOS camera Gel Documentation System
  • Quick response touch panel system
  • UV free for Hazard free from an experiment (optional)


6 Mega pixels high resolution CMOS camera Gel Documentation System

WSE-5300 Printgraph CMOS I is a detectable high-resolution image. 

Quick response touch panel system

WSE-5300 Printgraph CMOS I is a quick response by a high-quality touch panel system.

UV free for Hazard free from experiment

ATTO original “CyanRed Epi” applied (optional). 510nm of Cyan excitation can detect EtBr (UV free)

Also, ATTO EzFluoroStainDNA which is highly sensitive fluorescence stain reagent instead of  EtBr. (EtBr free)



WSE-5300 Printgraph CMOS I
CameraHigh resolution monochrome CMOS
ResolutionHigh: 2927 x 2054, Standard: 1463 x 1027
File format16bit TIFF / 8 bit TIFF / BMP / JPEG
Lensx6 Auto zoom lens (Iris, Zoom, Focus)
Monitor8 inch Touch LCD Panel
Filter6 position, 595nm filter as standard (EtBr, EzFluoroStainDNA, SYBR Dye etc.)
Camera view area45 (W) x 30 (D) mm ~ 260 (W) x 180 (D) mm
Exposure time5msec ~ 10 sec
White Flat LEDstandard
UV light312nm, Sample size: 200 (W) x 200 (D) mm for WSE-5300UV, WSE-5300F, WSE-5300A
CyanRed EpiCyan: 510 nm, Red: 623 nm for WSE-5300CR, WSE-5300A
PrinterSONY UP-D898MD (optional)
WiFi LANIEEE802.11b/g/n
InterfaceUSB 3 port / LAN 1 port
Size305 (W) x 620 (H) x 450 (D) mm
Weight28 kg
PowerAC100-240 V

Ordering Information

Code No.DescriptionUnit
2305305WSE-5300UV Printgraph CMOS I UV model1 set
2305308WSE-5300F Printgraph CMOS I UV model (+ 535 nm filter)1 set
2305310WSE-5300A Printgraph CMOS I All-in-One model1 set
2305225CyanRed Epi light source for WSE-53001 set
2305232665 nm LongPass filter for WSE-53001 ea
2140202SONY UP-D898MD Thermal printer1 set
2140913UP-110HG Printer paper 10 rolls1 box
2195931Gel tray (194 x 164 mm)1 ea
3535037T-8M UV lamp 8W (312 nm) 6 ea1 set

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