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WSE-6200 LuminoGraph II

Purpose and Application

  • Chemiluminescence imaging of Western blotting
  • Fluorescent imaging of fluorescent staining gels and fluorescent proteins (optional)
  • Bright field imaging of CBB staining gels (optional)
  • Quantitative analysis of samples from the image (Concentration and Molecular weight)
  • Merge image of chemiluminescent image and prestained marker of membrane image


  • The world’s first “F0.8” lens
    It is 10% ~ 300% brighter than other manufacturer in market and it can detect feeble light.
    ATTO do not rely on digital processing and ATTO actualized wide dynamic range with low distortion performance to make high quality image.
  • Merge image of luminescent image and membrane image
  • AutoExposure function
    →with dynamic range that noise reduction processing (dark arithmetic, noise reduction processing), flat field correction etc. in automatic
  • 16bit TIFF format
    →General imaging file format
    →Convertible to JPEG and 8bit TIFF 
  • Autocontrast Inverse image
    →Control software and image analysis software is available for autocontrast and inverse image function




WSE-6200 LuminoGraph II
CameraCooled CCD camera
Resolution1740 x 1300 pixels
Camera cooling system2 stage peltier
Cooling temperature-40℃ (-70℃ from ambient)
Camera lensF 0.8
Imaging areaMax. 260 x 200 mm
Binning1 x 1, 2 x 2, 4 x 4, 8 x 8
Data output16-bit TIFF, CCD / 8-bit TIFF, JPEG, BMP
Supported OSWindows 10, 8, 7 (64 / 32 bit), Vista (64 / 32 bit), XP SP3
PowerAC 100-240 V ±10 V
Dimension365 (W) x 288 (D) x 608 (H) mm
Weight20.2 kg

Ordering Information

Code No.DescriptionUnit
2006201WSE-6200 LuminoGraph II1 set
2110022CS Analyzer software (Densitograph)1 set
2008150WSE-5600 CyanoView1 set
2008102WSE-5520 VariRays II Fluorescent excitation LED (Blue, Green, Red) Light source1 set
2008117Primary fiter set for VariRays 1 / II (Blue) 481 nm shortpass, 2/pk1 set
2008118Primary fiter set for VariRays 1 / II (Green) 562 nm shortpass, 2/pk1 set
2008110Power BOX (AC adapter and switch) for VariRays1 set
2008062BPF510 (Bandpass filter for GFP fluorescent) for VariRays-B1 ea
2196160FlatViewer White LED trans-illuminator1 set
2130446ND 0.1 Light-reducing filter1 ea
2140202UP-X898MD SONY thermal printer1 set

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