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WSE-6270 LuminoGraph II EM

WSE-6270 LuminoGraph II EM

Purpose and Application

  • Chemiluminescence imaging of Western blotting
  • Fluorescent imaging of fluorescent staining gels and fluorescent proteins (optional)
  • Bright field imaging of CBB staining gels (optional)
  • Quantitative analysis of samples from the image (Concentration and Molecular weight)
  • Merge image of chemiluminescent image and prestained marker of membrane image


  • Next Generation Model with EMCCD camera
  • Ultra-low noise “-40℃” cooling EMCCD camera
  • EM GAIN function enables light emission detection in a short time
  • Equipped with F0.8 ultra-sensitive lens
  • Image size up to 273×180mm Minimum 106×70mm
  • Merge image of luminescent image and membrane image
  • AutoExposure function
    →High sensitivity and wide dynamic range with automatic exposure mechanism
  • 16bit TIFF format
    →General imaging file format
    →Convertible to JPEG and 8bit TIFF
  • Autocontrast Inverse image
    →Control software and image analysis software is available for autocontrast and inverse image function
  • Multi-purpose detection can be achieved with a variety of light source options



WSE-6270 LuminoGraph II EM
Camera-40℃ cooled 16-bit EMCCD camera
Resolution2460 x 1620 pixels
LensF 0.8 fixed focal length lens
EM Gainx1, x5, x15, x50
Binning1 x 1, 2 x 2, 4 x 4
Imaging areaMin. 106 x 70 mm
Max. 273 x 180 mm (5 position)
Filter holderManual sliding 3 position switching system (50 mm square filter)
ControlWindows PC (Windows 10/8.1, 32/64 bit) & Control SW (ImageSaver 7)
Data output16-bit TIFF, 16-bit CCD, 8-bit TIFF, 8-bit JPEG, 8-bit BMP
PowerAC 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 200 W (Max)
Dimension365 (W) x 330 (D) x 580 (H) mm
Weight21 kg

Ordering Information

Code No.DescriptionUnit
2006272WSE-6270 LuminoGraph II EM (Main body, ImageSaver 7, PC)1 set
2006276CyanoView Set1 set
2006279FlatViewer Set1 set
2006280UV transilluminator Set1 set
2006277Fluorescence Set (Blue LED, Red LED, Green LED, NIR)1 set

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