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WSE-7110 EzWestLumiOne

WSE-7110 EzWestLumiOne

Purpose and Application

  • Use for luminescence detection by HRP in western blotting.


  • 1 bottle type
  • Luminescence substrate for HRP(Horse Radish Peroxydase)
  • Keeping a luminescence for hour
  • Wide dynamic rage
  • Better Linearity 
  • A sample is available. Please request the sample through the “Contact Us” menu at the top.


Instruction Manual


 WSE-7110 EzWestLumiOne
Package250 mL/bottle
PreparationReady to use
Applicable amount0.05 mL/1 cm² of membrane
Membrane 5,000 cm²
Storage1 year at 4℃ (unopened)

Ordering Information

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