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ClearBlot P plus Membrane

ClearBlot P plus Membrane

Purpose and Application

  • Western blotting of protein samples
  • Thermal blotting of lipids samples


  • Lower background than P membrane
  • Mechanical strength and chemical resistance of P plus membrane is available for multiple stripping & reprobing of blots
  • Hydrophobic property of membrane enables high signal with low background for western blotting
  • Various kinds of membrane to suit gel sizes are available
  • Available for thermal blotting of lipids


ClearBlot p plus data

The background is reduced more than the previous product, P membrane series. PVDF membrane has excellent power of absorbing and retaining protein, chemical resistance, and physical strength.


WSE-4050 ClearBlot P plus membranesWSE-4051 ClearBlot P plus membranesWSE-4052 ClearBlot P plus membranesWSE-4053 ClearBlot P plus membranesWSE-4054 ClearBlot P plus membranes
ApplicationImmuno blotting (protein/lipids samples)
MaterialsPVDF (polyvinylidene difluoride)
Pore size0.2 µm
Size65 x 65 mm85 x 90 mm130 x 140 mm260 mm x 3 m85 x 145 mm
Package20 sheets/box20 sheets/box10 sheets/box1 roll/box6 sheets/box
(with 36 sheets of Absorbent paper)

Ordering Information

Code No.DescriptionUnit
2322453WSE-4053 ClearBlot P plus membrane (PVDF, 260 mm x 3 m), 1 roll/pk1 pk
2322452WSE-4052 ClearBlot P plus membrane (PVDF, 130 x 140 mm), 10 sheets/pk1 pk
2322451WSE-4051 ClearBlot P plus membrane (PVDF, 85 x 90 mm), 20 sheets/pk1 pk
2322450WSE-4050 ClearBlot P plus membrane (PVDF, 65 x 65 mm), 20 sheets/pk1 pk
2322454WSE-4054 ClearBlot P plus membrane (PVDF, 85 x 145 mm), 6 sheets/pk (with 36 sheets of Absorbent paper)1 pk

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