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Absorbent paper

Absorbent paper

Purpose and Application

  • Thickness of filter paper is ideal to keep a plenty volume of blotting buffer
  • Clean and fine quality


  • Thickness: 0.9 mm
  • The filter papers pre-cut to suit the membrane size
  • A sample is available. Please request the sample through the “Contact Us” menu at the top.


CB-06A Absorbent paperCB-09A Absorbent paperCB-13A Absorbent paperCB-20A Absorbent paper
ApplicationSemi-dry blotting
Thickness0.9 mm
Size65 x 65 mm85 x 90 mm130 x 140 mm200 x 200 mm
Package400 sheets/box400 sheets/box100 sheets/box, 2 box100 sheets/box

Ordering Information

Code No.DescriptionUnit
2322437CB-06A Absorbent paper 65x65 mm (400 sheets/pk)1 pk
2392393CB-09A Absorbent paper 85x90 mm (400 sheets/pk)1 pk
2322436CB-13A Absorbent paper 13x14 cm (100 sheets/box, 2 box/pk)1 pk
2392493CB-20A Absorbent paper 20x20 cm (100 sheets/pk)1 pk

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