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WSE-1510 DiscRun Ace

Purpose and Application

1-D electrophoresis(IEF) for 2-D PAGE


  • Two-dimensional electrophoresis can be done easily with the use of a version with a power source (electricity conditions entered) and a high level of reproducibility can be obtained 150-210 min. quick electrophoresis time
  • Reduce working space.
  • Agarose gel specifications allowing the addition of a sample with a large molecular weight or volume O’Farrell specifications also supported
  • With a special gel tray and gel carrier

Operation Video


IEF: agarGEL pH 5-8



WSE-1510 DiscRun Ace
Column sizeφ7 mm x 75 mm (for compact size) / φ7 mm x 100 mm (for mini size)
Number of gelsup to 8 gels
Plate settingWith silicone cap sealing
Buffer volume40 mL for upper chamber, 550 mL for lower chamber
Power supplyConstant voltage 50/100/300/600/900 V step-up
Constant voltage 300/600/900 V constant mode (selected below, programmed)
Constant current 12 mA
Timer1 to 999 min, 0 min for continuous mode
Safety functionopen/short detection
Alarmoutput stop, time up, error detection
Power requirementAC100-240 V 50/60Hz 50VA
Dimension164 (W) x 94 (D) x 193 (H) mm
Weight0.81 kg (without accessories)

Ordering Information

Code No.DescriptionUnit
2321780WSE-1510 DiscRun Ace1 set
2321659AC adaptor (100-240V/24V 1.5A)1 ea
2394112DiscRun upper tank1 ea
2393715P/N6530B lower tank1 ea
2394250agarGEL tray1 ea
2394140Gel carrier (for Disc gel)1 ea
2393720Safety cover with lead wire1 ea
2392110Seal gasket for IEF tubes 12/pk1 set
2392265Silicone cap 6/pk1 set

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