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WSE-5640 CyanoViewSmart

WSE-5640 CyanoViewSmart

Purpose and Application

  • UV-free, safe fluorescent observation box
  • Detection of fluorescent staining reagents in nucleic acids (EtBr, SYBR Safe, etc.)
  • Detection of protein fluorescent staining reagents (SYPRO Ruby, etc.)
  • Observation of fluorescence detection samples (can be taken with a digital camera or smartphone)


  • UV free for Hazard free from an experiment
  • Detects nucleic acids and proteins using fluorescent staining reagents for electrophoretic gel
  • Possible to observe fluorescence with bare eye and take pictures with a digital camera or smartphone
  • Since it is a transmissive light source, it is possible to cut the band from the gel
  • A wide variety of fluorescence detection is possible with a light source with a peak wavelength of 505 nm and a half width of ±25 nm


WSE-5640 light source

It consists of a Trans-Cyan LED light source that is safer than UV and a foldable View Window.
Gel extraction is also possible.

WSE-5640 configuration

Capture an image of a flurescence stained gel with smartphone or digital camera via View Window
Can apply gels smaller than 13 cm x 8 cm



WSE-5640 CyanoViewSmart
Light sourceTrans-Cyan LED 505nm ± 25 nm
Imaging area130 × 80 mm
Luminous intensity500 μW
View windowOrange filter
SizeFold: 225 (W) × 220 (D) × 75 (H) mm
Unfold: 225 (W) × 220 (D) × 195 (H) mm
Weight1.6 kg
PowerDC 24 V, 0.5 A
AC adapterInput: AC 100~240 V, 50/60 Hz, 50 VA
Output: DC 24 V, 1 A
Environmental temperature20~30℃
CompositionWSE-5640 CyanoViewSmart Main unit × 1, Shade box × 1, Gel tray × 1, AC adapter × 1

Ordering Information

Code No.DescriptionUnit
2008160WSE-5640 CyanoViewSmart1 set

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