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AB-2960 BactoLumix

AB-2960 BactoLumix

Purpose and Application

  • Antibiotic activity testdrug sensitivity test


  • Bactolumix can be used for drug susceptibility test and antibacterial activity test. The use of chemiluminescence for microbial count rapidly provides the result.
  • The measurement takes 5 to 20 seconds per sample.
  • The results are more rapidly available than the smear method.
  • No need for bacteriolysis for measurement, which makes procedures easier than the ATP method.
  • The same viable bacteria can be reused in another assay system.
  • It can be detected up to 3 x 10⁴ to 108/mL of microbes.
  • Almost the same performance as the ATP method.

Instruction Manual


AB-2960 BactoLumix
Major componentsCL reagent
Buffer for Dissolution of CL reagent
Buffer for Dilution of catalyst
Powder Medium for Microbial culture
Package1000 assay
Storage period1 year at 4℃

Ordering Information

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