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AC-2110 II Perista® Pump

AC-2110 II Perista® Pump

Purpose and Application

  • Pumping fluids/solutions in chromatography
  • Pumping fermentation broth
  • Pumping chemicals in recirculation experiment
  • A wide range of application, from laboratory to plant, etc


  • Perista Pump is a registered trademark of ATTO corporation.
  • From 1 to 4 channels available
  • Flow rate ranges from 5 to 1500mL/hr for each channel using silicone tube with 1 to 3 mm bore and 1 mm thickness
  • Equiped with a connector for external control (DC 0-5V)




AC-2110 II Perista Pump (High Flow Rate)
Flow rate5 - 1,500 mL/h (Inner diameter φ1~3 mm silicone tube)
MotorDC Motor
Channel1 to 4 channels available
vertical pumping height21 m max
Viscosity of transported fluid1.5 Pa · s (1,500 cP) max
Maximum pressureDischarge 205.9 kPa (2.1 kg/cm²) / Suction 9.8 kPa (0.1 kg/cm²)
Environmental temperature0~40℃
External control0 - 5 V DC, TTL control of FLOW/STOP
Accuracy of flow rateAccuracy of repetition within ±1%
Drive circuitDC servo system
PowerAC 100-240V 50/60Hz 12VA
Dimension110 (W) x 150 (D) x 235 (H) mm (for single channel pump)
Weight1.5 kg (0.025 kg per channel)
ComponentsAC-2110 II Main body (Including Pump head (A) x 1, Cover plate x 1, Mounting bolt x 2) x 1, Power cable, Silicone tube (i.d. 1 mm x 1 m, i.d. 2 mm x 1 m, i.d. 3 mm x 1 m)

Ordering Information

Code No.DescriptionUnit
1221330AC-2110 II Perista Pump1 set
1221332AC-2110 II Perista Pump 2 ch1 set
1221333AC-2110 II Perista Pump 3 ch1 set
1221334AC-2110 II Perista Pump 4 ch1 set
1292231Pump Head (A) Top stage (Including Set of Rollers)1 ea
1292232Pump Head (B) Middle stage (Including Set of Rollers)1 ea
1292233Set of Rollers (A) Top stage1 ea
1292234Set of Rollers (B) Middle stage1 set
1292235Cover Plate1 set
1292236Additional cassette set for Perista Pump middle stage (Pump head (B) + fixing stud + silicone tube set)1 set
1292133Mounting bolts 2/pk1 set
1292213Fixing stud 2/pk1 set
1292121P/N 12012 3-1 silicone tube (5 m)1 ea
1292120P/N 12020 4-2 silicone tube (5 m)1 ea
1292119P/N 12019 5-3 silicone tube (5 m)1 ea

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