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AE-3711 RapiDry mini

AE-3711 RapiDry mini

Purpose and Application

  • It dries gel dyed with pigment to store as a specimen or dries RI labeled samples for RI detection of electrophoresed gel. 


  • 4 sheets of mini slab gel that can be accommodated in the heating area may be dried at a time



AE-3711 RapiDry mini
Gel accommodation area200 x 190 mm
Heater temperature40 to 80℃, adjustable
Timerup to 180 min
MaterialsHeat panel: fluoroplastic-coated aluminum
Support screen: Stainless steel
Porous sheet: Polyethylene
Seal cover: Silicone rubber
Power requirementAC 100 V ± 10 V 50/60Hz
Dimension240 (W) x 350 (D) x 135 (H) mm
Weight2.5 kg
ComponentsRapiDry mini main body 1 ea, Seal cover 1 ea, Porous sheet 1 ea, Support screen 1 ea, Spare fuse 5A 2 ea, Connection tube (φ7 x 13 mm, 2 m) 1 ea

AE-3711 RapiDry mini requires vacuum equipment such as a vacuum pump or a water aspirator that affords about 20 mmHg residual pressure. To protect a vacuum pump against heat, interpose a cooling trap between the pump and the dryer.

Ordering Information

Code No.DescriptionUnit
2385210AE-3711 RapiDry mini1 set
2398006Seal cover 2/pk1 set
2398008Porous sheet 3/pk1 set
2398009Support screen1 ea
2398790Connection tube (φ7 x 13 mm, 2 m)1 ea
2391107Fuse 5A, 5/pk1 set
2398037Precut Cellophane (230 x 240 mm) 250 sheets/pk1 set

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