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AB-1850 LumiFL Spectrocapture

Purpose and Application

  • Investigation of molecular design of FRET(Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer)Investigation of molecular design of BRET(Bioluminescence Resonance Energy Transfer)development and quality control of luminescent/fluorescent reagents.
  • Analysis of luminescent/fluorescent reactions


  • An electronic cooled CCD camera is used as a detector.
  • A CCD is capable of receiving the light of the entire target wavelength region for measurement at one time and detecting it.
  • A CCD has higher quantum efficiency than a photomultiplier tube.
  • detection time is shortened with all wavelength simultaneous detection.
  • The measurement wavelength range is 400 to 800nm.
  • Long-time exposure is available (high sensitive detection of micro specimens)
  • When a fluorescent excitation light source is equipped, FRET or fluorescent substance can be measured




AB-1850 LumiFLspectrocapture
1. Luminescence and fluorescence test section
F numberF 3.0
Measurement wavelength region400 ~ 800 nm
Reciprocal linear dispersion60 nm/mm
Wavelength resolution1.8 nm
Repeatability±0.6 nm
Slit width0.01 mm ~ 5 mm (11 steps)
Exposure time1/30 second ~ 60 minutes (26 steps)
Light receiving sectionThermoelectric cooling CCD
2. Spectroscope
Number of diffraction gratings1 (standard)
Diffraction grations150 pcs/mm
Blaze wavelength500 nm
3. Measurement sample
Sample containerSquare quartz cell (10 mm x 10 mm) / 0.2 mL PCR tube / 35 mm dish
Sample volume10 μL above
Reagent injection parts for flush luminescenceAvailable
Excitation lightFC connector for incident light is available (standard)
4. Software
FunctionControl measurement

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