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AB-2550 Kronos Dio

AB-2550 Kronos Dio

Purpose and Application

  • Real-time reporter gene assay
  • Transcriptional factor activity,
  • Clock gene(chronopharmacology)
  • Gene expression(Transfection,RNAi,etc)
  • Analysis of cell responses
  • Drug response(Anti-cancer drug,DDS,etc),
  • Stress response (Hormone, Inflammation, Anti-Oxidant),
  • Cytotoxichology
  • Analysis of signal pathway
  • Signal cascade(Calcium),
  • Apoptosis,etc

Operation Video




AB-2550 Kronos Dio
ContainerCulture dish, diameter 35 mm
Number of samples8
Temperature controlPeltier device and forced air circulation
Temperature range in Kronos Dio incubator(Room temperature - 5℃) to 45℃ in increments of 1℃ (Lowest temperature: 20℃)
Temperature control accuracy±0.5℃ under room temperature of 25℃
DetectorPhotoMultiplier Tube (PMT)
Measurement methodPhoton counting method with a PMT
Detectable range of wavelength350 nm to 670 nm
Measurement time1~60 sec in increments of 1 second
1~60 min in increments of 1 minute
Measurement intervalFrom less than 1 min, which depends on time required for eight samples, to 300 minutes in increments of 1 min
Optical long pass filterF0: No filter (whole wavelength)
F1: O56 filter (cutoff wavelength: less than 560 nm ± 5 nm)
F2: R62 filter (cutoff wavelength: less than 620 nm ± 5 nm)
Color seperationMeasurement with automatically selected optical filter up to three colors
CO₂ gas precision regulatorMaximum inlet pressure: 1 Mpa
Pressure range: 0.007 to 0.07 Mpa
CO₂ gas controllerElectromagnetic valve
Inlet pressure: -27 to 100 kPa
Outlet pressure: 0 to 50 kPa
CO₂ gas sensorMeasurement range: 0 to 20% CO₂ (±0.1%)
PC environmental requirementsOS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8.1/10 (32/64 bit)
Recommended memory: more than 2GB
HDD: Free space of 1 GB or more
CommunicationUSB interface
PowerAC100-230V 50/60Hz 150W
Dimension280 (W) x 400 (D) x 330 (H) mm
Weight16.0 kg

Ordering Information

Code No.DescriptionUnit
3510120AB-2550 Kronos Dio1 set
3510150Kronos Dio control software1 set
3510189USB hub for Kronos Dio connection1 ea

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