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Technical Info Page

Tips for Electrophoresis
Tips for Western Blotting
  • Basic operation of Western blotting
  • Method for extracting protein from tissue or cell
  • Western blotting (Transfer)
  • How to choose the reagents for semi-dry blotting
  • Transfer method according to transfer buffer and consumables
  • Principle and workflow of semi-dry blotting
  • Western blotting (Blocking)
  • Western blotting (Antibody reaction and detection)
  • Normalization
Imaging a Gel and a Membrane
  • Gel documentation / Gel imaging
  • Chemiluminescence imaging
  • Fluorescent proteins and DNA imaging
  • Validation support (IQ/OQ) and security software
Light Emission Detection
  • Luminescent device for detecting (ATP measurement of an active oxygen from the measurement, a reporter gene expression assays)
  • Cellgraph data
Liquid chromatography
  • Perista pump
  • Liquid chromatography related equipment
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Perista pump