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WSE-4055 QBlot Kit

WSE-4055 QBlot Kit

Purpose and Application

  • Semi-Dry blotting

  • ATTO Mini gel size(8.5×9cm)

  • Pre-wet PVDF membrane & filter paper


  • Western blotting is needed a workflow for equilibrating membrane and filter paper. Normally, the equilibration is taken 15~30 min. QBlot kit is needless the equilibration and it may use for western blotting immediately.
  • ATTO made shortest time for transfer 5-10 min with good transfer efficiency.
  • WSE-4055 QBlot Kit not only ATTO Semi-dry blotting system but also, may use other semi-dry transfer system as well.
  • This product is discontinued and renewed to WSE-4057 QBlot kit M.



Bottom stack: Filter paper immersed in the transfer buffer
Hydrophilized / Equilibrated PVDF membrane

Top stack: Filter paper immersed in the transfer buffer

Just cut off the QBlot kit  and sets up right away.
No need to prepare transfer buffer, filter paper, and membrane.

Comparison with transfer buffers

Operation Guide

1. Take “Bottom Stack” out

2. Rolling it to removing a bubble

3. Layout it with sample gel

4. Rolling it to removing a bubble

5. Take “Top Stack” out and overlay it.

6. Rolling it to removing a bubble.

7. Set “Top Electrode cover (ATTO blotting system)” and start “Blotting”

Transfer Time

High speed (C.V.): 5~10 min (24 V, 600~1,600 mA)

Standard (C.V.): 15~30 min (12 V, 300~800 mA)

Standard (C.C.): 15~30 min (600 mA, 10~30 V)

* Standard when using ATTO Mini gel (1 sheet)

Operation Video


 WSE-4055 QBlot Kit
CompositionTop Stack (Filter paper) 90 x 85 mm 10 pk
Bottom Stack (PVDF membrane and filter paper) 90 x 85 mm 10 pk
Gel Wash buffer (5x) 100 mL
MaterialPVDF membrane: WSE-4051 ClearBlot P plus Membrane (pore size: 0.2 μm)
Filter paper: non-woven (High quality absorbency) for QBlot Kit only
Storage1 year at cold storage
Applicable amount10 stacks/box (1 stack: 1 pouch bag of Top Stack and 1 pouch bag of Bottom Stack)

Ordering Information

Code No.DescriptionUnit
2322445WSE-4055 QBlot Kit1 pk

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