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WSL-1750-SSI CellJoy

WSL-1750-SSI CellJoy

Purpose and Application

  • Automatic media change system using peristaltic pump system
  • Useful for ES cell or iPS cell culture


  • Stabilize cells by exchanging media inside the incubator at regular intervals
  • Minimize the risk of contamination by transferring media using sterilized disposable tubes and peristaltic pump
  • Labor cost savings from automatic driving



 WSL-1750-SSI CellJoy
DescriptionAutomatic media replacement system
Liquid feed systemSupply and discharge with two 12-channel Perista pumps
Number of dishes10 cm dish (Falcon) 4~12 sheets
ControlAutomatic operation setting with touch panel
Pump12-channel Perista Pumps
Number of flow channels: 4 ch x 3 cassettes x 2 pumps (for supplying culture mediums and for discharging wate liquid)
Flow rate range: 0.1~6.0 mL/min
Tube attachment/detachment: one-touch cassette method
Medium heatingHeating from outside of liquid feed tube by liquid non-contact in-line heater
Medium cooling (for storage)Electronic cooling 7 ± 3℃ (around room temperature of 25℃)
Incubatoroptional (can use general CO₂ incubator)
Error detection functionLiquid feed failure (via non-contact infrared sensor)
Pump operation, heater, and cold storage temperature
Alarm tone, stop or continue when an error occurs (select by default)
E-mail notification when error occurs (optional)
Dimension620 (W) x 400 (D) x 600 (H) mm

Ordering Information

Code No.DescriptionUnit
3601750WSL-1750-SSI CellJoy1 set
3601756Tube set for WSL-1750, 6/pk1 set

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