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WSE-7035 EzStandard HMW

WSE-7035 EzStandard HMW

Purpose and Application

  • High molecular weight protein marker (about 29,000~770,000 Da) for SDS-PAGE


  • sharp and clear band
  • Wide molecular weight range 29,000Da ~ 770,000Da
  • Ready-to-Use
  • Store for one year at -20℃ (freezing and thawing up to 5 times)


EzStandard HMW data
Pattern data of protein samples

Gel: UH-T310 (3~10%, 14-well gel)

Sample: ★WSE-7035 EzStandard HMW, WSE-7020 EzProtein Ladder (MW marker) etc.

Running buffer: AE-1410 EzRun (Tris, Glycine, SDS)

Electrophoresis system: WSE-1165 Mini-Slab

Condition: Constant voltage 300 V, 40 min

Staining: AE-1340 EzStain AQua (CBB staining)


WSE-7035 EzStandard HMW
Major Components11 proteins (29, 45, 66, 77, 97, 116, 140, 170, 220, 270, 770 kDa)
SDS, Glycerol, BPB
Package100 μL × 4 tubes
Applicable amountCBB staining detection: 3~5 μL/well (approximately 100 times)
Silver staining detection/Blotting: 0.5~2 μL/well
Storage1 year at -20℃ (freezing and thawing up to 5 times)

Ordering Information

Code No.DescriptionUnit
2332343WSE-7035 EzStandard HMW1 set

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