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    WSE-7110 EzWestLumi One > Blotting Reagents & Membranes

    WSE-7110 EzWestLumi One

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    Luminescence Substrate for HRP(Horse Radish Peroxydase)

    1 bottle type HRP(Horse Radish Peroxydase)

    ATTO's Low Cost with high-performance and high-quality! 

    WSE-7110 EzWestLumiOne

    WSE-7110 EzWestLumiOne 

    1 bottle type of luminescence reagent. Detectable by attaching on membrane!

    Purpose and Application
    • Use for luminescence detection by HRP in western blotting.
    • 1 bottle type
    • Luminescence substrate for HRP(Horse Radish Peroxydase)
    • Keeping a luminescence for hour
    • Lower cost=38Yen/mL
    • Wide dynamic rage
    • Better Linearity 
    ModelWSE-7110 EzWestLumiOne 
    Volume 250mL

     Membrane 1cm2:0.05mL 


     Membrane 5,000cm2

    Valid term (2~8℃) 1year 

    <How to use>

    Drop EzWestLumiOne little mL in Clear poket and wet membrane. Capture an image by Chemi detection system.



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