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    AE-1465 EzFastBlot > Reagents

    AE-1465 EzFastBlot

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    Fast Western Blotting Transfer Buffer

    EzFastBlot is a transfer buffer for western blotting with fast and semi-dry transfer system

    AE-1465 EzFastBlot

    AE-1465 EzFastBlot

    Purpose and Application

    Transfer buffer for semi-dry and fast blotting system

    • Transfer time is within 10 min 
    • Unnecessary specific blotter, gel, and transfer package (pre-wet membrane)
    • 10x concentrated reagent -Dilute with distilled water before use-
    • No methanol required
    • Simply change the transfer time (10 min) and voltage (25V) in conventional blotting protocol  
    Product NumberAE-1465
    Product NameEzFastBlot
    Transfer time10min, 25V
    FormulaTris, amino acids 
    Storage1 year at room temperature in dark

    *When using this product for fast blotting system, we recommend to use a high electric current type power supply, 

    because high electric current is required for transferring of proteins (250 ~ 500mA/gel). 


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